1. Consumer Printers.

    a. Inkjet printers up to A3 sized paper.

    b. Laser printers up to A4 sized paper.

    c. Dot matrix printer up to A3 sized paper.

2. Original branded Ink Cartridges.

    i.e. Canon, HP, Epson, Brother

3. Original and Compatible branded Laser Printer Toners.

4. Original and Compatible Laser Printer Drums.

5. Printer paper from A4 up to A3 size.

6. Photo paper (matte and glossy) from 5R up to A4 sized papers. 



1. Sales Consultation for suitable printers to meet individual needs.

2. Maintenance and repair of printers (inkjet and laser printers).

3. Install printer drivers for customers. Customer must bring own laptop.

4. Troubleshoot printer related problems with suggested solutions.